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An passionate performer and enthusiastic swashbuckler, it was only a matter of time until Nate managed to combine his two passions, acting and combat. Based out of Toronto, Nate is a prominent member of the local theatre scene as well a certified fight director. Recipient  of the 2014 My Theatre Awards, “Honorary Award”, Nate has worked in almost every indie and smaller theatre space in the city. When not tucked away in a theatre you can find Nate riding his longboard through Toronto’s Annex neighborhood or enjoying a pint on a sunny patio.
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Up-Coming Productions
7 Stories
by Morris Panych

Directed by Rebecca Ballarin
March 3rd - 11th
@ Hart House Theatre

Radiant Vermin
by Philip Ridley

Directed by John Shooter
Feb 28th - March 7th
@ Dirty Talk Studios
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Another Successful Opening Caps Off A Great Season At Hart House Theatre!
- Congratulations to cast and crew of "7 Stories" and to everyone who worked their butts off at Hart House this season! It was a true pleasure!!

Twelfth Night Closes Its Completely Sold Out Run!!
-"Director James Wallis has directed a raucous, tight production that does
not lose any of the moving, more thoughtful aspects of the play." - Lynn Slotkin

Carrie: The Musical Closes!
-"there were compelling moments, like when Carrie’s mother (played by an
utterly fantastic Brittany Miranda) first learns her daughter has her
period and it leads to a brutal, well-staged moment of horror."  - Moony On Theatre